Career Pathways

Career Pathways

careersCareer Pathways makes it easier for adults to advance through progressive levels of the educational system while gaining workforce skills.

Currently The Learning Center provides basic literacy and other instruction in reading, writing and math in a classroom setting or through one-on-one tutoring. Preparation for passing the GED or other high school equivalency tests is offered as well as English Language Learning for non-native speakers of the English language.

These instructional elements will continue to be provided; however, the skills taught will foster workforce and post-secondary education and training program readiness.

Did you Know?

  • College graduates earn twice as much as people with a high school degree or GED
  • Fastest growing jobs that pay a living wage require college degrees
  • There is financial aid to help people with college expenses
  • Services are locally available to assist you with your college planning readiness, admissions, and financial aid


Providing programs for both employers and employees, The Learning Center helps build job security, job safety, job performance and product quality. When employees lack basic reading and writing skills both workers and companies pay the price.

Nearly 75% of America’s unemployed have trouble reading and writing, a fact that limits their ability to be self-supporting and weakens the quality of the applicant pool available to local businesses.

For job hunters or employed persons The Learning Center offers workplace essential skills, individual tutoring, group classes and prep classes for admission tests for the armed forces, Penn College and more.

Quote to remember

“I want to be someone other than a waitress or work in a grocery store. I want to work with computers and in a job that will give me a chance to give the very best to my son.”

– Marie Flores, Learner

For employers, The Learning Center provides consultation services, literacy task analysis, employee assessments, tutor recruitment and revision of job materials.

Your company can profit from involvement with The Learning Center. You can:

• encourage management and employees to become volunteer tutors or community advocates for literacy

• tell your employees about the free help they can get at The Learning Center

• establish a company employee skills program with staff support and curriculum from The Learning Center. Specialized curriculum and instruction is available in reading manuals, reports and other industry specific material and basic math and computerized basic skills lessons.

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