For Tutors

For Tutors

“In just 90 minutes a week you can change another person’s life.”

The Learning Center’s foundation is a group of dedicated adults from various backgrounds volunteering a minimum of 1½ – 2 hrs per week to help others learn to read, write and handle basic math.

tutoring2Tutor training sessions include information on how to instruction based on a proven curriculum and tested strategies that help adults learn.

As a tutor you will be supported by a staff person who will match you with a learner, will help facilitate setting up a schedule that works for both tutor and learner and will help you establish rapport.

Tutor in-service sessions keep your skills current, expand the kinds of lessons and media you may want to use and provide an opportunity to share successes and challenges with other tutors.

Contact the Learning Center to inquire about our next Tutor Development Workshop.

About the tutor development workshop :

Some of you reading this may not believe it. Most adults living in Lycoming County will not believe it. There are an estimated 18,000 adults in Lycoming County who carry a secret every day of their lives – hoping they will not be found out. What is the big secret? These adults either do not know how to read or read well enough to make their lives and their families’ lives better.


Helping to deal with the anxieties of being caught with this secret are tutors who volunteer with The Learning Center. You can also make a difference in an adult’s life by becoming a volunteer tutor. Call to find out how you can help.


Workshops are held periodically to teach volunteers the skills, strategies, and materials used to work with adults who want to improve their reading. Students may also include adults who want to brush up on their math, writing, or spelling skills in order to re-enter the work place, advance to better employment, get a high school equivalency diploma, or pass an entrance exam to a post-secondary institution.


Other adults who have immigrated here and need to learn to speak, read and write English and pass the U.S. Citizenship test. The Family Literacy program at The Learning Center works with parents who want to improve their reading and math skills so that they can help their children be prepared to enter school and help them with homework when they enter school.

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Why Should I Become a Tutor?

“Parents who can’t read raise kids who can’t read”

In Lycoming County more than 15,000 people are functionally illiterate. This means they cannot read or write well enough to vote, use a checkbook, write a note to a child’s teacher or follow written instructions from their doctor.

• an estimated 50% of all Americans cannot fill out a job application
• nearly 75% of Americans unemployed have trouble reading
• 70% of all prison inmates are functionally illiterate
• 46% of Americans struggle with understanding basic health care communications
• 34.1% of job applicants lack the literacy skills needed to do the job they seek

FAQ’s -Frequently Asked Questions

tutorsWho can become a tutor?
Anyone age 18 or older with a high school diploma or a GED, who reads and speaks English, can communicate clearly and completes tutoring training.

When do you offer training and where?
Tutor training is offered as needed and arranged with staff at the Learning Center.

Where will I meet with my tutor/learner?
We have private tutoring locations conveniently located for most county residents. Tutors and learners do not meet at the learner’s or tutor’s home since there may be too many distractions.

Who are the Learning Center learners?
Adults with a wide variety of skills and ambitions. Some are school dropouts, others are graduates preparing to enter Penn College. Some are successfully employed persons facing on the job challenges, others are seeking to enter the workforce. Some are parents improving their educational skills to help their children.

How is The Learning Center funded?
Local funding, grants and donations and the Lycoming County United Way funds support the work of The Learning Center.

Two Links for Tutors

There are a variety of helpful books to prepare you as a tutor. From this link you can also check the Lycoming County Library System online catalog for availability.

Learning Express Library – Learning Express Library provides an interactive online learning platform of practice tests and refresher tutorial course series to enable the user to succeed on the academic or licensing tests. GED, GRE, Real Estate, Civil Service and many more. Immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of results. Complete courses in basic mathematics, algebra, grammar, and writing available. Free registration creates a personal account to monitor progress.

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